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The Community that Pulls Together
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You could call Laird a 'sleepy little village'. Our crime rate is approximately zero and our rate of volunteerism is approximately 100%. This makes Laird look like a small stable village where nothing happens...Take a closer look!!!

What you can't help but notice when you arrive in Laird is that we take our village motto seriously. Laird really is the community that pulls together. We have a long history of working alongside one another to provide those things that are important to us.

Laird really is a 'sleepy little village'. It just happens to be full of people who readily give their time, energy and resources to make this village a great place to live. Laird is alive, well and growing because it is the community that pulls together.




Lots are for sale on the west side of town for $15,000.  Contact The Village Office for more information.


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